About Us

Restoration Specialists


We are a family owned and run company. Corey, the founder, has worked in the field since early adulthood. It is his sincere desire  to restore old homes in a way that brings a level of respectability back to the trade as well as bringing long lasting beauty back to your home. Paying attention to the small details that make a big difference, he has a long trail of satisfied customers as a result. We would love to have you as an addition to that list. 

 We care about our reputation. We are a 100% referral based. Extremely dependable and always transparent. We took all the common customer complaints when dealing with a contractor and reverse engineered them. By pricing the job appropriately from the beginning, we eliminate the possibility of costly surprises. Always leaving time for thorough daily cleaning and straightforward communication with the customer. Our quiet professional craftsmen simply get the job done at a high level of quality in an efficient manner.